Day 365 – Come Lord Jesus!

It is inevitable! Jesus came once and will soon come again. Many prepare for births, graduations, weddings, deaths, and other milestones in life then ask others to come and celebrate with them. These are all fine, but the best thing to do is to invite Christ to come into your heart. Then there will be a celebration in heaven. Drink the water of life, eat the bread of life, take fruit from the tree of life, and insure that your name is written in the book of life, then say, “Come Lord Jesus!”

Day 364 – Buildup Yourselves

After salvation, the greatest thing you can do for yourself and others is to pray in the Holy Spirit. This utilizes a greater power and connects your spirit with the Spirit of God. It is praying in another language beyond your understanding although God can give you the interpretation. While the Spirit prays, He increases your faith in God and makes you accountable to Him. If you want to accomplish any of the will of the Father, then pray in the Holy Spirit.

Day 363 – Anointing is Real

The anointing is for those who want to know and can be taught the truth. True Christians prepare themselves to receive the unction of the Holy One so that they can know all things. They understand that they cannot function without the oil of grace, gifts and spiritual endowments. With these, believers are able to reject the lies and expose the deceitfulness of the devil. Therefore, at all costs, followers of Christ remain in and under the unction of the real anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Day 362 – Patient with You

The Creator knows His human creatures all too well. God suffered long when He fearfully and wonderfully made us in secret and wove us together in the depths of the earth. He ordained every one of our days and wrote them in His book. God knows the exact time of our repentance and therefore waits. He is compassionate, gracious, not easily angered, and abounds in love. Because He is forever understanding and patient until the end, so must we also be with one another.

Day 361 – Blots and Blemishes

When someone does you wrong, the tendency to react may surface. Sometimes the wrong is subtle and not so blatant. For instance, someone may tell you they are going to do one thing, but then does something totally different. Your job is not to take revenge or treat them any different. Respond in love. One error is enough and does not justify committing another. God will handle the situation. Eventually the truth will come to light and they will see their blots and blemishes. It happens to us all.

Day 360 – Calling and Election Sure

God called you by His own glory and goodness and gave you His divine power to live a godly life. You can answer that call by growing in knowledge of God and Jesus Christ, participating in His divine nature, and possessing an increasing measure of His qualities. It takes a great amount effort to confirm God’s call. However, the unproductive and faithless person never will. But, it is a sure thing for those who never forget that they have been cleansed from past sins.

Day 359 – Himself Restore You

Many do not want to suffer, however you are not complete without it. Grace is not needed until after suffering occurs. Suffering for one may be totally different for another. Peter said that you would suffer a little while. However, that little while could likely last for several years. Understand that God carefully prepares you for the process of restoration.  It takes time to work things out and to work things in. Nonetheless, God is perfecting everything that concerns you.