Knowing, Growing, and Going with God is something we all MUST pursue!  Walk it out with Teryl Baker as she expounds on the Word of God!

First, you need to know that none of us can do this alone. God created the body of Christ with many parts so that each one would have equal concern for the other. I trust that you are a part of this Body, because I need YOU!

Second, you need to know that I invite your comments on the book. I would love to know what God speaks to you as you read daily. Feel free to post your comments for all to see.

As you go through this book, I pray that God reveals Himself like never before so that you may know who He is and what He has done from beginning to end. Remember, today is the day of salvation, choose life, and serve the Lord with gladness!

I look forward to our time together and thank you for visiting me!