About the Book

365-Day Devotional Sheds Bright Light on Life through the Word of God!

front-cover-of-bookKnowing, Growing, and Going With God – A 365 Day Devotional, will create a hunger and thirst for a greater knowledge of God and a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus.

This helpful devotional contains some unique features especially designed for the reader. Scripture references from the Holy Bible are in order from Genesis to Revelation. The reader receives daily knowledge of the historical context of each Scripture, an understanding of how it might apply to his or her life, and an effective prayer unto the Lord. In order that the reader may have clearer insight, each devotion provides him or her with the Hebrew (Old Testament) or Greek (New Testament) definition of a selected word.

This must-have daily devotional will help readers gain a greater knowledge of the Bible, apply this knowledge through personal examination, develop a closer relationship with the Lord, and cultivate better relationships with others.