The Work of Waiting

There are many examples in the Bible, but I think of Abraham. He was 75 years old when God called him to leave his family and go to a promised land that his offspring would inherit (Genesis 12). Fifteen years later, God appeared to him as El Shaddai, “the Almighty-Self Sufficient,” letting him know that He was in control and would not allow His mission to fail (Genesis 17).   God encouraged him to walk faithfully and blamelessly, then gave him a new name, confirming His covenant. Ten years later, when Abraham was 100 years old, just when God promised, Isaac was born (Genesis 21). Waiting requires work.

The work is to believe in Jesus (John 6:29). We live in an uncertain, increasingly complex, fast-paced, and changing environment. Society has gotten used to and yearns for instant gratification. Time is in His hands, and there is no other way to receive His promises but to wait on Him patiently. God is sure, simple, and not slack in His promises. They are Yes and Amen! Do not give in to discouragement. The Father is Faithful! If Abraham could wait for 25 years, so can you! God will make the work of waiting worth it!

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