Day 362 – Patient with You

The Creator knows His human creatures all too well. God suffered long when He fearfully and wonderfully made us in secret and wove us together in the depths of the earth. He ordained every one of our days and wrote them in His book. God knows the exact time of our repentance and therefore waits. He is compassionate, gracious, not easily angered, and abounds in love. Because He is forever understanding and patient until the end, so must we also be with one another.

One thought on “Day 362 – Patient with You”

  1. Thank you dear God for your patience towards me. Even though I have not always lived right by your commands, you never left me nor have you forsaken me. Your love and patience endures forever. Help me to be part with others as you have been with me. Amen! Thank you Pastor for sharing the word of God !!

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