Day 361 – Blots and Blemishes

When someone does you wrong, the tendency to react may surface. Sometimes the wrong is subtle and not so blatant. For instance, someone may tell you they are going to do one thing, but then does something totally different. Your job is not to take revenge or treat them any different. Respond in love. One error is enough and does not justify committing another. God will handle the situation. Eventually the truth will come to light and they will see their blots and blemishes. It happens to us all.

One thought on “Day 361 – Blots and Blemishes”

  1. I pray to be protected from any hurt, harm, or danger they may come my way by way of the enemy. I resist the devil and he must flee. Furthermore, I pray for those with blemishes and spots to be made clean and whole. Thank you Pastor for sharing the word of God!!!

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