Day 353 – Crown of Life

Yes, as a child of God, you are going to have trials, tribulations, and tests of many kinds. However, because you love the Lord, He gives you the ability to persevere and press your way through to victory. Despite the tough time, if you do not cave in to the pressure and the cares of the world, you will reap sure rewards. In this way, God marks you for His blessings in this life and eternally. However, the blessings in this life will fade away but the crown of life is forever.

One thought on “Day 353 – Crown of Life”

  1. Jesus perservered through all His trials and tribulations because God the Father was in Him and Jesus was a product of His Father. Since Jesus lives in me through His Spirit, I too have the ability to persevere through my trials. Thank you Lord Jesus for your demonstration of joy and peace through difficult times. Thank you Pastor for sharing the word of God!!

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