Day 352 – Remember Your Leaders

Before anyone can become a leader, he or she must first be a follower. A leader is one who shadows Christ and speaks the infallible Word of God. God choses His leaders and equips them for the tasks. They are set apart for His use and for His glory. His leaders walk by faith and not by sight. They spend time in God’s presence to get a fresh Word for His people. Remember those who govern, guide, and lead you with the love of God and the faith that pleases Him.

One thought on “Day 352 – Remember Your Leaders”

  1. I make it a habit to pray for my leaders, which includes the government, the church, and on the job. Leaders have to be refueled and prayed for as well. It takes strength to lead and it would be hoove all to pray for our leaders so they can lead effectively and their leadership would benefit followers. Thank you Pastor for sharing the word of God!!

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