Day 348 – Christ is the Mediator

There is a war going on between the spiritual nature and the carnal nature. Sometimes decision making can be a thought-provoking process. God instituted a plan for Christ to be in the middle to help lead His people in the right direction. As mediator, Christ cleanses consciences from sinful acts that lead to death and unites people with God. Although He shed blood and died only one time, His work as Mediator never stops.

One thought on “Day 348 – Christ is the Mediator”

  1. Thank you Jesus!! You are the mediator between me and God and You shed your blood on the cross so that I could be reconciled back to God. The bridge that Jesus established between me and God now allows me to have direct access to God and I’m forever grateful and thankful and can now go to God for myself while being led by the Holy Spirit. Thank you Pastor for sharing the word of God!!

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