Day 325 – The Cross

Jesus Christ, by Him, for Him, in Him, to Him, and through Him all creation in heaven and on earth exists. Although, heaven is intact, things on earth are in disarray. But thanks unto God who always had a remedy to change and reconcile His creation back to Himself. Nothing but the blood that Jesus shed on the cross is powerful enough to bring all things into complete unity and peace. The cross is a reminder of the price that Jesus personally paid as Lord of your life.

2 thoughts on “Day 325 – The Cross”

  1. Every time I think of the sacrifice Jesus made makes me emotional because it is a true demonstration of love for gods people that He would give His life so we could be reconciled back to a God!! Him dying on the cross for us so that our sins will be forgiven is b

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    1. (I wasn’t finished): breathtaking and amazing and I’m forever greatful. And because of the sacrifice Jesus made, I’m trying to sacrifice some things in my life in order to become righteous. Thank you Jesus for your death on the cross for which I’m eternally grateful and thankful. Thank you Pastor for sharing the word of God!!


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