Day 324 – Anxious About Nothing

Jesus told his disciples not to worry about their lives or bodies. Worrying doesn’t change the situation or add time to life. However, it does have the potential to decrease life. Therefore, they were instructed to have faith in  and seek God. When we pray, make our requests known, and give thanks to God, He will provide an answer. He knows what we need and will give us His best.

One thought on “Day 324 – Anxious About Nothing”

  1. I find that the more I step out on faith, the more I make my request known to God, and the more I believe and receive, God hears and answers my prayers. I thank God, because I do see the manifestation of my prayer request. The blessings may not come when I’d like, but they are always on time. I’m still practicing to maintain positive thoughts and have peace in my heart. Sometimes when negativity presents, I do think about it over and over because I think I’m trying to see how I could have handled it differently or if I did anything wrong in the matter. Nevertheless, I remove my self from the situation. I thank God for His Word, and pray I follow His commands so that my life will be made easy.

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