Day 314 – Having Been Predestined

Thank God Almighty, the great I Am, and everlasting Father who is Maker of us all. He determined beforehand that you would be who you are doing what you do. Before any of your days came to be they were written in the Lambs book of life. God decreed His goodness toward you and foreordained every one of His purposes for you. He has chosen and appointed you for such a day as this. What a wonderful God we serve!

One thought on “Day 314 – Having Been Predestined”

  1. Thank you God that you appointed and predestined me to belong to Christ. I receive Him and believe that you sent your Son into the world to forgive the sins of the world. I thank you for who I am and what you have purposed me to do. I pray that you continue to reveal the plans you have for me and that I fulfill them. Thank you Pastor for sharing the word of God !!

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