Day 307 – Delight In Weaknesses

Generally, if one is in a tormenting predicament he or she will try to do everything possible to be removed. Not many normal people want their weaknesses displayed and certainly do not want to suffer. Instead, they may point out the flaws of another. Furthermore, to consider weights and burdens a delight is even more unusual. However, Paul discovered what it meant to suffer for the sake of Christ and took pleasure in his feebleness. Let us learn from this great apostle.

2 thoughts on “Day 307 – Delight In Weaknesses”

  1. As God is my witness, I’msuffering right now concerning a situation, but I count it all joy. Initially I was devastated, but quickly came to believe and have faith that the light would shine at the end of the tunnel and in my weakness, I would become stronger. Thank you dear Lord for your word that gives me hope through trying times. Thank you Pastor for sharing the word of God!!


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