Day 334 – To Save Sinners

Jesus saves. Jesus loves. This I know not only because the Bible tells me so, but because for me, He has done so. I have missed and keep missing the mark, but thank God for Jesus. He cares not who you are or what you have done. He came into the world to save sinners. If we will only believe, we will receive God’s greatest gift. Keep believing, keep praying, keep trusting, and keep standing. Jesus came and will not return to the Father with empty hands.

Day 333 – Idle Brother

It is true that we tend to live like those with whom we keep company. Once you have made up your mind to receive God’s Word and follow with obedience, you may feel uncomfortable associating with those in the family of God who do not have the same aspirations and continue to live undisciplined lives. The best thing you can do is to conduct yourself according to God’s Word and eventually your witness will inspire better work ethics in others.

Day 332 – The Work of Satan

Satan, who opposes God in every way, who is the prince of the fallen angels, and author of every evil and wicked spirit deceives and seduces those who refuse to surrender to Christ. They are full of pride and unteachable. They do not want to know the truth of the gospel because they are blinded by their own truth. Unfortunately, those who enjoy the pleasures of sin subject themselves to a powerful delusion. Therefore, believers must pray, pray, and pray some more.

Day 331 – Give Thanks

If you want to know God’s will for your life, giving thanks is a part of it. Although it seems a simple thing to do, it is very difficult for some. If we spend more time focusing on the basic things like being able to breath, see, hear, eat, and touch life may be simpler. Instead we put more emphasis on things beyond our reach and out of our control which presents a challenge in being thankful. Keep life simple and begin to thank God anyway and in all circumstances.

Day 330 – To Please God

I know many people who live compromising lives. They settle for less than what they could have in order to have momentary satisfaction. However, after a short period, they are miserable. If we wait and adapt God’s ways, He’ll make it worthwhile and without regret. Understand the urgency and seek to please God more and more.

Day 329 – You Accepted It

The interesting thing about gifts is that you have a choice to accept or reject them. Accepting the Word of God is accepting His Son along with all the judgments for obedience and disobedience. The Word of God works in us to will and do of His good pleasure. It is powerful enough to cleanse, renew, strengthen, and judge the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. However, you must believe it or you have accepted in vain.