Day 299 – Forgive and Comfort

Whatever sin one commits, does so against God although directed toward another individual. God made a distinction between acts of righteousness and wickedness. He is the lawgiver and judge. However, to be clear, one is righteous not by works but in Christ. Everyone has to give an account before God. If God forgives us, then He expects us to forgive others. We show forgiveness by taking the next step of comforting. Do not be ignorant nor give the devil any place.


One thought on “Day 299 – Forgive and Comfort”

  1. I realize and understand the importance of being forgiven and comforted. I’ve been the one needing it. It is true, your own feelings of guilt and condemnation are overwhelmingly enough. From my own experiences, I can wholeheartedly express forgiveness and comfort as it had been shown to me. Thank you Pastor for sharing the word of God!!

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