Day 295 – No Division in the Body

The devil loves to divide what God has combined. Jesus declared that a house divided will fall. Craftily, the devil creates dissension between a husband and wife as well as between parents and children. To add strength and power to his devices, He uses our weaknesses. However, God has given honor to the parts of the body that lacked it.  Therefore, we must learn to celebrate one another’s weakness as well as our own. Otherwise, we fail and fall, defeating ourselves and the Body of Christ.

One thought on “Day 295 – No Division in the Body”

  1. The operative passage for this devotion is that, as the body of believers, we all have to recognize the weaknesses in our body so that we give honor to that weakness and strengthen that weakness, so that we could all have equal parts and be on one accord. If not, the door will be open for division, dissension, and schism. Lord, help me to recognize my, as well as others, weaknesses so that attention to prayer and strengthening can surpass the lack. Thank you Pastor for sharing the word of God!!


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