Day 275 – He Did Not Waver

Abraham is not only the father of faith, but also a great example for all. After 25 years of believing God, he received the promised son, Isaac. He did not doubt or hesitate to believe, but strongly and fully persuaded, gave glory to God. Even in old age, he saw the possibilities instead of the impossibilities. No matter how long you have been waiting or what  are your circumstances, choose to hold onto the promises of the faithful Father. He cannot lie and He will not fail. He is God!

One thought on “Day 275 – He Did Not Waver”

  1. Amen! As I just mentioned in the previous day’s blog, I’m still patiently waiting on the promises of God for the manifestation of prayers. I believe and have every faith that God will answer those prayers as well. My faith has grown and I thank God for that; as well as continuing to grow my faith even more. Thank you Jesus!! Thank you Pastor for sharing the word of God!!

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