Day 304 – Proved Yourself Innocent

Sometimes we do not perceive the opportunities God provides for us to prove our innocence. There is goodness in us that has yet to be discovered and performed. God is good and filled us with His integrity. Be cognizant of the temptation designed by the devil to entice you to do evil. Respond quickly with love so that you do not add fuel to fire in the enemy’s camp. In every point, prove yourself innocent and glorify God.

Day 303 – Yoked together with Unbelievers

God commands believers to separate themselves from unbelievers. Believers cannot love God and love the world. Believers must decide that they will not be enticed by what the world offers. If you are the light of the world and the salt of the earth, this should be evident. There should not be constant appearance of compatibility, congruence, or coordination with unbelievers on worldly desires, affections, or issues.

Day 302 – Fix Your Eyes

When you have a dream in your heart, it does not go away. Although physically present with others, you tend to mentally drift away toward your vision. This is how it is in the spiritual realm. In the midst of sin, persecution, and trouble, you must keep your eyes on the eternal prize. The unseen is the reality and truth. Don’t get tangled in the web of the current situation. Get out of the present matrix and focus on light of the eternal glory of God.

Day 301 – There is Freedom

The Scriptures declare that where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. If Christ dwells in us then He is wherever we are. This is evident in the lives of those who through Christ commit to live their lives by the Spirit. However, if we are led by the flesh and not the Spirit then we live in bondage. Therefore, we have to intentionally and habitually give the Spirit freedom to reign, lead, and guide. Otherwise, we suppress the Spirit as well as our liberty.

Day 300 – Not Competent in Self

When things are going well and you can see a difference in people’s lives because of something you said or did, it may be easy to take credit. However, during these times, we must be careful to look toward heaven and give God all the praise, glory, and honor. He alone is worthy and is the All-knowing One. Everything we are and hope to be is because of God, our Maker and Creator. The flesh counts for nothing and will someday perish.

Day 299 – Forgive and Comfort

Whatever sin one commits, does so against God although directed toward another individual. God made a distinction between acts of righteousness and wickedness. He is the lawgiver and judge. However, to be clear, one is righteous not by works but in Christ. Everyone has to give an account before God. If God forgives us, then He expects us to forgive others. We show forgiveness by taking the next step of comforting. Do not be ignorant nor give the devil any place.


Day 298 – Holiness and Sincerity

God’s grace is truly sufficient for all. It is the blessing and favor He gives us that we do not deserve. Grace is what we cannot afford to forfeit. It is what allows us to say “No” to all ungodliness and unrighteousness. Grace helps us to stay consecrated and devoted to God. Without grace, we are nothing and can do nothing. Like Paul, if we boast about anything, it should concern this unmerited and generous gift. Therefore, you can freely conduct yourself in holiness.