Day 265 – Poisoned Their Minds

The gospel is good news!  However, if anyone creates a prejudice, bias, ill affect, or antipathy in your mind towards the Word of God, they have poisoned you. If not you, then maybe someone you know is disillusioned. Misery loves company and those who reject God and refuse to believe do not want to be alone. Begin to pray for revelation and truth. Pray for divine interruption against negative and evil thoughts. The devil is defeated and no barrier is too hard for God.

One thought on “Day 265 – Poisoned Their Minds”

  1. I don’t recall having been poisoned in the mind, by anyone, against the word of God, per se. However, I may have been poisoned in the mind with education of our history as African-Americans, and had to renew my mind in reference to who I am as a child of God. Thank you Pastor for sharing the word of God!!

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