Day 261 – Angel of God

Angels are God’s ministering spirits, whom He sends to deliver messages to His people. Whatever particular matter you are praying about, open your eyes to see the vision, your ears to hear the angel’s voice, and your heart to obey God’s clear instructions. God called Peter, a Jew, to minister to the Gentiles, a people quite different from him.  Go where God sends you. Do not resist or question His purposes. God will confirm His Word with signs following.


One thought on “Day 261 – Angel of God”

  1. I believe angels are real. I believe, in my heart, that an angel of God called me by name while I was asleep, twice, when I was 18 years old. I wiil never forget the experience, one I’ll always remember. It was truly real, and because I obeyed, I may have saved someone’s life. Thank you Pastor for the word of God.

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