Day 273 – Futile Thinking

How one thinks is a direct connection to how he or she behaves. Futile thinking is worthless and useless. It adds no value to your life. It only perpetuates pettiness. Think on things that are praiseworthy and glorify God. Meditate on the goodness of the Lord and thank Him. Futile thinking stinks and is an unpleasant odor unto the nostrils of God. Make an immediate choice to turn away from and avoid negative and uncharacteristic thoughts as soon as you identify them.

Day 272 – A Clear Conscience

One has to be intentional when distinguishing between right and wrong then choosing the former. It is easy to do the wrong thing, but making sure you avoid errors takes enormous effort. Paul had to strive to keep a clear conscience before God and man. In this world, we have the same struggle. Maintaining a clear conscience takes honesty and humility. Before you can be true towards others, you must be true to yourself. Look within before looking out.

Day 271 – Stand on Trial

Sometimes you really do not understand what you believe until someone questions you and you have to respond. Being able to explain the hope that lies within you provides confidence and assurance of your faith. The trial of your faith develops patience and perseverance. Thus, when everything else around you starts to crumble, you can stand strong because of your belief in Christ. Therefore, do be surprised when people judge you for the sake of Christ, just stand.

Day 270 – Testifying to the Gospel

One of the greatest ways to testify and be a witness of the gospel is to live humbly and holy through Christ Jesus. This requires more than just listening to the Word of God; you must do what it says. People pay more attention to what you do than to what you say. Testifying to the gospel is a sacrifice of your time for the sake of another. Practice prioritizing people. When you bless others, God will bless you. Stay in the race, look towards heaven, and finish your course.

Day 269 – Became Obstinate

Although God gave His one and only Son for the world, He knew that some would not receive Him. Some people are just stubborn and hard hearted. Jesus sent the disciples to preach the gospel as sheep among wolves in Jewish towns and villages. He told them to shake the dust from their feet and break all ties if they were not welcomed or heard. Upon Paul’s same encounter, he realized they were set in their ways. Therefore, he left them and took his disciples with him.

Day 268 – Very Religious

Religious people worship idols and are philosophers who love to debate. They are zealous about unknown gods, but lack knowledge and a personal relationship with Jesus. They do nothing with their time, but gossip about the latest ideas. Religious people are great candidates for the presentation of the gospel. They are good ground to plant the seed of the Word of God. God wants to be known by everyone and it is the responsibility of believers to make this happen.

Day 267 – Kept By the Holy Spirit

Thank God, His Holy Spirit is powerful enough to restrain His people. The Holy Spirit functions to keep you from making many terrible mistakes that not only affect you, but the lives of others. He protects you from the terror of the night and the flying arrow during the day. He prevents you from falling apart and away from the plan of God. He leads you where God needs you. You may not understand at the moment. However, you will and in the end thank God.