Day 236 – Make Excuses

When God gave His only Son Jesus, He not only demonstrated His love for the world but extended an invitation to all to become part of His family. Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection solidified that invitation. Still, many reject this love and continue to make excuses for not entering the kingdom of God. As servants of God, our mission is to go out quickly to communities, cities, countries, jobs, hospitals, prisons, shelters, and other place compelling all to accept the invitation.

One thought on “Day 236 – Make Excuses”

  1. Making an excuse not to enter into the kingdom of God is deadly. Setting the example as a true Christian demonstrates to others that they too can have what you have, which is Christ Jesus. One has to walk the walk before they can talk the talk. People want to see Jesus in you before they can except who they are to become. The mission to invite others to except Christ Jesus allows the angels in heaven to party party. Thank you Pastor for sharing the word of God!!

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