Day 233 – Blessed Are Those

You might consider one blessed who possess an abundance of material things such as houses, cars, and clothes.  Others may consider you blessed if you are financially wealthy or are an executive in a large corporation. However, none of these give you eternal happiness but only temporary satisfaction. These blessings can be instantly taken away. On the other hand, when you obey Jesus, He will be with you forever. The blessing from heaven is greater than any blessings on earth.

One thought on “Day 233 – Blessed Are Those”

  1. I know that’s right. I concur, material blessings are only a temporary satisfaction. I’ve never been one to gloat over material possessions, although I’ve had them. More importantly, I learned very early that it doesn’t bring you happiness; I walked away from it all, just to find that peace and happiness. That was missing. Thank you Pastor for sharing the word of God!!

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