Day 209 – Offended

Offense is a work of the devil. He distorts the truth and ensnares you by the traps that he sets. Offense is meant to turn you away from faith in God. It is a strategic and divisive plan of the enemy. If you are not careful and before you realize it, you will have gone astray. You will have insufficient evidence against someone in the kingdom of God. For no apparent reason, you will have severed a meaningful relationship. Do not allow offense to be a stumbling block.

One thought on “Day 209 – Offended”

  1. Offenses can be tricky. You can get all in your head about something that was just a misunderstanding. There have been times when I may have felt offended and responded negatively. I even verbalized not fooling with the individual anymore. Then, the spirit will speak to my heart and prompt me to let it go and not waste valuable time that could otherwise be meaningful. Communication is everything in these situations. Thank you Pastor for sharing the word of God!!!

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