Day 212 – You are the Christ

God is omniscient. He knows all things. He is the Father of all knowledge and reveals it just at the right time. He holds the answer to every one of your questions. However, the knowledge of Christ is the greatest, richest, wisest thing you need. Without a personal relationship with Him, nothing else matters because everything else is subject to this. The revelation of Christ is priceless and originates from God. I beseech you, catch and hold onto this life giving dispensation of grace.

Day 211 – Be Careful

On many and varied occasions, you probably have told your children, other family members, or close friends to be careful. Maybe they have told you the same. Nevertheless, hearing those words is a warning to take notice, make sure, and beware of something or someone. Being careful is an act of responsibility and accountability. If not taken seriously, one could suffer irreparable damages. Therefore, take heed to this charge against those around you.

Day 210 – These Make Men Unclean

You can usually look at something and determine if it’s unclean. For example, dishes, clothes, vehicles, places, hair, and even physical bodies. These are things that you can see. However, an impure heart which is not seen feeds what comes out of the mouth which is seen and heard.  Take careful responsibility to guard and protect your heart from defilement and pollution. Remember, God hides His Word in your heart and this is what He alone sees and judges.

Day 209 – Offended

Offense is a work of the devil. He distorts the truth and ensnares you by the traps that he sets. Offense is meant to turn you away from faith in God. It is a strategic and divisive plan of the enemy. If you are not careful and before you realize it, you will have gone astray. You will have insufficient evidence against someone in the kingdom of God. For no apparent reason, you will have severed a meaningful relationship. Do not allow offense to be a stumbling block.

Day 208 – Rest for Your Soul

Things and people are moving faster today than ever. It’s hard to stop and take a breath of fresh air without feeling guilty. Simultaneously, people are overwhelmed and overloaded. They are dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression while trying to keep up with society. If you are exhausted, you need rest. If you are emotionally uneased, it is time to cease all activity. Learn from Jesus. Humble yourself and calm down. Find a quiet place and be still before the Lord.

Day 207 – In Hell

I wonder if people really understand what they are saying when they wish others would go to hell. It is a place of eternal destruction where fire burns continuously. It is reserved for the devil, his cohorts, and those who do not obey God. However, God desires that no one perishes and neither should we. Every one of us will face death but not all will rest in peace. Avoid the unimaginable by surrendering to the fear and admonition of the Lord, who is able to set you free.

Day 206 – Few Find It

The more you have is not always the best. The bigger something is can be the worst. God cut Gideon’s army from 32,000 to 300. It has been proven that 20 percent of the people do 80 percent of the work. Jesus knew that only the rare would take time to search for and meet Him. Only a few would discover the life that He came to give. Determine to be in that small number. Let God direct your steps today so that you may discover the narrow road and enter the small gate.