Day 171 – Soar on Wings

It is alright to acknowledge your weakness, faint heart, and powerlessness. It is during these times that God makes the great exchange.  He waits for you to wait on, have confidence in, and rely on Him. When you are drained and dry, then the wind of the Spirit comes to carry you. Effortlessly, He increases your strength and takes you from a place of barrenness to a spacious and fruitful field. Like eagles, you will ascend to higher heights, deeper depths, and wider widths to accomplish more than before.

One thought on “Day 171 – Soar on Wings”

  1. Amen!! Help me Lord. I rest completely in you. I have faith in all your promises, so I give all my worries, trials and tribulations to you. Thank you Father for your grace and mercy!! Thank you Pastor for sharing the word of God!!

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