Day 180 – My Word Fulfilled

God never sleeps nor slumbers. He constantly stands guard and lies in wait to achieve whatever He spoke. His Word is already real to Him, but we must believe its authenticity. Unfortunately, you cannot always count on what someone tells you they are going to do especially if they have let you down several times before. However, you can rest assured, rely on, and trust in the Word of God. Just as He told Jeremiah to get himself ready, you might as well do the same.

Day 179 – Trembles at my Word

The way to the top is found at the bottom. Humility comes before honor. Those who take the low road will find themselves on the high road. This is the way God operates, opposite of the world. Those who will stop, wait, and listen for the voice of the Lord will be heard by Him. A faithful God is He to the one who fears Him and feasts upon His Word. When you make the Word of God your priority every day, you will become rich in every way.

Day 178 – Arise

It takes approximately four minutes for the actual sun to rise and further provide approximately 14 hours of brilliant day light. Compare this to the amount of time it takes for you to physically rise and let your light shine. God gives you the natural and spiritual ability to establish His covenant on the earth. He has equipped you with His power to gently mend and restore the broken hearted. The glory of the Lord is upon you. Therefore, get up and go where He leads you.

Day 177 – Endowed With Splendor

I want you to know that every morning you wake up looking magnificent without having to do a thing. As a child of God, you have a renewed mind, clean heart, and the blood of Christ flows through your veins. Christ has robed you in His royal garment of praise and bestowed a crown of beauty upon you. You have been made new in every way. You are adorned with the splendor of His love, joy, and peace. Now, many will hasten to you so you can lead them to Christ the King.

Day 176 – Heritage of the Servants

If you are a servant of the Lord, you will face opposition and have serious challenges. You will be accused of many things despite your efforts to live a life pleasing unto the Lord. During these tough times, you might lose some things and begin to feel hopeless. However, because you belong to a royal family of believers, God is your defense and has reserved some prize possessions for you. This is your heritage from the Lord. Receive it and walk in your triumph.

Day 175 – Believed Our Message

Confidence in the Lord responds with action. However, before one believes in the Lord, he or she must be told about Him. There is no shame in your testimony and many would love to hear it. The most powerful and truthful message that the world needs to know is that God is love and gave His son to prove it. Many are looking for love and Jesus is their answer. His love is like none other, unconditional, faithful, reliable, and eternal. God’s message of love is real and believable.

Day 174 – An Instructed Tongue

Some people wake up by an alarm clock, hit snooze and go back to sleep. But when God calls, He expects a response. Those who earnestly desire to hear the voice of the Lord will not go back to sleep but will set their face like flint before Him. They understand the power of knowledge that comes from God and have mindsets to apprehend their assignment for the day. With instructed tongues, these educated students seize opportunities to give a sustaining word to the weary. Look for someone to encourage today.