Day 151 – Prayer of the Destitute

When you reach the point of desperation because of deprivation, you will unashamedly fall to your knees and cry out to God in prayer. After having emptied yourself and reserving nothing, God will hear from heaven and fill you up again. He will begin on the inside by breathing life into and mending all your broken bones. He will clothe you with strength and make you stand on the heights of a spacious place. Then you will open your eyes and see the truth of all His promises.

Day 150 – Anxiety

Anxiety is an overwhelming feeling of fear, worry, depression, and or uneasiness over an event that has not even come to pass. It can consume anyone with unnecessary thoughts. In times like these, God desires to bring relief and a new level of joyfulness. The Holy Spirit, who is the Comforter, provides the power to overcome this excessive apprehension.  Choose today to think positively instead of negatively. Hope for the best and not the worst. Give rest to your soul.

Day 149 – The Flourishing Righteous

Thank God for Jesus who is most honorable, blameless, and just! Through belief in His death, burial, and resurrection it is possible for you to be planted, blossom, and prosper in the house of God even when you are old and gray. God made a way for you to experience personal growth spiritually and to bear fruit by attending to others. What awesome things to look forward to! Do not forsake the benefits and blessings of the righteousness of Christ, instead, receive them.

Day 148 – Shadow of the Almighty

Typically one may shadow another to learn a new trade, duty, or responsibility. This consists of following, observing, and asking questions to assure understanding and attain assurance. When you abide in and stay connected to God, you cease to labor and relax in His arms. In this secret place is peace and protection from all opposing forces. The shadow of Almighty God is your rear and front guard. He does what you cannot do and is with you always.


Day 147 – Days Aright

You must be teachable if anyone is to teach you anything. Sometimes we put off today what we can do tomorrow. But tomorrow is not promised. Wisdom learns and applies the lesson learned today. If you have control of something and can handle it today, then do it. Make every effort to do the honest, upright, and correct thing. It may hurt and cost humility, but in the end you honor is yours. Take advantage of the time you have today and follow your heart.


Day 146 – An Undivided Heart

The heart is the center of man’s nature and holds the whole spectrum of human emotions, desires, feelings, affections, and passions. The heart is the sphere of God’s influence where the natural knowledge of God has its seat. It is where God writes His Word. Therefore, it needs to be united with God, cleansed, and searched for the removal of everything not of Him. A divided heart cannot be true to God or sustain the life of God. Lord, give us a heart joined to you!

Day 145 – Better is One Day

In terms of quantity, one thousand is surely greater than one. However, quantity is not always the best measure of something. In other words, the more you have of something can be the worst thing for you. The author of Psalm 84 expressed the quality of his passion as one day with God versus a thousand anywhere else. Similarly, in Psalm 27, this one thing was David’s desire. It does not take God long to do anything, but you must be willing to make the sacrifice.