Day 98 – Hand of the Lord

You can tell when the hand of the Lord is upon you if everything you ask of a superior is given to you. It is as if God himself is making the request and He will not be denied. His hand upon you so distinguishes and directs all the affairs of your life. You and the Lord become inseparable so that when people see you, they see the Lord. Purse God’s will, then wait and watch Him grant your wishes.

2 thoughts on “Day 98 – Hand of the Lord”

  1. Amen!! I’m glad the post has resumed. The hand of the Lord being upon you is most awesome and when an individual has knowledge that it is so, it’s amazing. Life is absolutely nothing without His hand, and most incredible with it. Thank you Lord for your hand that I will step out on. Thank you Pastor for sharing the word of God!!!!

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