Day 120- Turned into Joy

In the end, you win! It is good to know this at the beginning of every test or trial because it helps you to get through. God will surely reward you in your time of sorrow and turn your mourning into dancing. Just as God glorified Jesus, He will glorify you. Thank God that not only is His hand is upon you, but you are in the palm of His hands. In the face of death there is eternal life and everlasting joy for every believer in Christ.

Day 119 – Time of Happiness

The Jews could have handled being sold into slavery, but to be sold for destruction, slaughter, and annihilation would have been the end. Just when it appears you have run out of time and events are culminating, God will extend His scepter to you. He will send a person entrusted with complete power to reverse the curse. Then you will celebrate and possess a time of cheerfulness, serenity, and prosperity like never before.

Day 118 – Royal Position

Timing is a crucial factor which God orchestrates for His glory and fulfillment of His purposes. He knew about Haman’s plan to annihilate His people and predestined Esther’s position as queen at the royal palace. Similarly, God knows the plans He has for you. At the right time, He will place you in a situation with absolute authority to effect everlasting change. Be sure to walk through these open doors into the position specifically designed for you.

Day 117 – Approval

God fearfully and wonderfully made each person in His creation. You are beautiful in His sight and His seal of approval is upon you. Something about you is marvelous, unique, and an attraction for someone else. At some point, someone will display God’s devotion, kindness, and mercy toward you. Most of the time, God’s favor comes from unfamiliar people and unlikely sources. Therefore, do not be surprised but expect approval.

Day 116 – Understood the Words

Lack of understanding leads to frustration, but the abundance thereof results in celebration. You need to have an open mind and understand beyond a shadow of doubt that God has an unconditional and personal love for you. His Word is His testimony which you shall proclaim and spread throughout your town as did Nehemiah and the people with him. They spent a quarter of the day in the Word of God. Today, that is six hours. Wow! Imagine that!

Day 115 – Joy of the Lord

Joy that comes from the Lord builds you up. This joy cannot be taken away or replaced by anything else. Satan desires that you dwell in grief, sorrow, sadness, and sin. But Jesus’ death on the cross took away your sin and made your joy complete. Therefore, as a child of God, Jesus released from the heavy yoke of bondage and adorned you with the garment of praise. Now you can rejoice in the Lord forevermore and never grieve again.

Day 114 – Intimidate Me

Enemies would not be authentic if they did not make every effort to continuously conspire with others to terrify you, entice you to sin, and discredit your name. The devil used the same tactics as he did in the beginning in the Garden of Eden. The greater news is that God has not changed since yesterday. He is the same today and will be the same tomorrow. His plan of salvation and deliverance always supersedes the devils. Faith overrides fear.