Day 89 – Relied on the King

It was foolish for Asa to put his trust in man after God had given him a large amount of goods and a great victory over the vast army of the Cushites. Look back over your past and meditate on the times when God came through for you. If you cannot remember a time but are in need of a victory today, then be wise. Rely on God to strengthen and make you triumphant over your enemy.

2 thoughts on “Day 89 – Relied on the King”

  1. The times are too numerous for me to count that God has come through for me. Relying on Him is a necessity. One cannot manage on their own strength, knowledge, and wisdom; these even, are a gift from God!!! People will disappoint you at times, but God has your best interest at heart and will never let you down. The only choice is to rely on and trust in God!! Thank you Pastor for sharing the word of God!!!!

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