Day 90 – To Strengthen You

It is good to know that God neither slumbers nor sleeps. His eyes are continually open to see what we cannot. I don’t know about you, but strength, support, and inspiration are always welcome in my life. If you are not fully committed to the Lord, now is a good time do so. Get rooted and grounded in Him through deeper study of and meditation on His word and through prayer. Your help comes from the Lord!

Day 89 – Relied on the King

It was foolish for Asa to put his trust in man after God had given him a large amount of goods and a great victory over the vast army of the Cushites. Look back over your past and meditate on the times when God came through for you. If you cannot remember a time but are in need of a victory today, then be wise. Rely on God to strengthen and make you triumphant over your enemy.

Day 88 – The Prophecy

When you seek God, you will find Him. In times of distress, He will give you rest. God knows what you need and at the right time He will send someone with the encouraging word. However, to be delivered from the mess you are in, sometimes you just have to receive the message and take your eyes off the messenger. Your reward come from the Lord who is faithful in all His ways.

Day 87 – He is our Leader

God loves to tip unequal scales to the other side. If you ever come up against a giant, look unto the God of David. He will provide three small stones, and you will watch your giant fall. Do not forsake God, but confess Him as your leader. Cry out to and rely on Him, and He will justify His actions in giving you the victory. God with you is more than the whole world against you.

Day 86 – Enjoyed Long Life

There was no king over Israel whom the Lord highly exalted as David’s son Solomon. What an honorable way to die knowing that God’s hand is upon your children and that His purposes are manifesting in their lives. David accumulated great wealth but had peace leaving it with his son Solomon, the newly anointed, prosperous, and respected king of Israel. Who is your successor?

Day 85 – Pleased with Integrity

Those who seek to please God will dispense His uprightness, fairness, equity, and justice in their homes, on their jobs, and in their communities. Contrarily, one risk demonstrating the quality characteristic of integrity if he or she simply tries to satisfy another and withholds the good that is within. The world is in desperate need of honesty and truthfulness. Let us stand and examine our hearts.

Day 84 – Unfaithful to the Lord

One of the interesting things about attending funerals or homegoing services, whichever you prefer, is to hear what people say about the deceased. You do not have control over your birth or your death; however, you do have control over your life. Saul died because he was unfaithful to the Lord. Do not forsake God. Leave a legacy of faith for your children and grandchildren.