Day 59 – Lasting Dynasty

People will not always treat you the same way you treat them, but that should not be your concern. Forgiveness is your responsibility and should be your focus. Quick forgiveness gives God permission to fight our battles and protect our families. We may not realize it, but offense can consume us and become a generational curse. Lord, help us to make positive and firm decisions that will result in generational blessings!

Day 58 – Conscience Stricken

David resolved to withhold evil and instead perform a good deed. Not only, was he aware of the anointing on his life but also that of Saul. He understood that God is the Judge who sees everything. Your future is more important than your past. Nothing is worth jeopardizing God’s plan for your life. God is a rewarder and an avenger. Can others see God and confess as Saul, “You are more righteous than I.”

Day 57 – Inquired of the Lord

It is extremely important to inquire of the Lord before doing anything. Many times, it can keep you from making costly mistakes and even save your life. From childhood you were probably taught to ask your parents’ permission before going anywhere. Well, to assure His protection and blessing, it is best to employ this same process with God. Today, start the practice of inquiring and waiting on the Lord!

Day 56 – One in Spirit

In fear of the Lord and on kingdom business, Jonathan favored David and turned against his father. After Jonathan’s death, David showed unfailing kindness his crippled son Mephibosheth. If you will risk your life for another and give of your most prize possessions, then you’re probably one in spirit with that person. To preserve the relationship, make sure God is the central focus and His purposes are fulfilled?

Day 55 – Anointed

God appointed and anointed David for His use and for His glory! No one, not even David, had any role in God’s choosing of him. Saul only had to be obedient and wait for God’s indication. The Spirit of the Lord did the rest. Desperately, we need to learn to allow the Spirit of God within us to do the work for us. After all, the Spirit searches and knows the deep things of God. Do you believe God has anointed you?

Day 54 – Appointed Leader

God has His eyes on you and at the right time He will call your name. He longs to instruct and guide you on the path already marked out for you. If you will allow Him, He will direct you in the way you should go. When you get rid of your plans and follow His agenda for your life, you will never regret it. Others are waiting for you to lead them toward the Lord. Make sure you do not miss your divine appointment!

Day 53 – Sin against the Lord

Samuel had two choices, sin or pray. As a leader, he knew it was his duty to humble himself and pray in faith. However, you do not have to be a leader to pray. Anyone can and everyone should pray continually. You are less likely to sin if you are attentive to prayer. Prayer is a form of worship unto King Jesus whereas sin is a form of worship unto idols. Will you bow to useless idols or the Kings of kings?