Day 31 – Commemorate This Day

Truly, there are times when you can do absolutely nothing to deliver yourself. There are periods when only the mighty hand of God will suffice. Anything God does is special and when you know it was He, never forget it.  Celebrate daily, weekly, monthly, or annually. Whenever you choose is up to you, but do not neglect to remember the Lord. How will you commemorate what God has done for you?

Day 30 – Favorably Disposed

It is interesting to note, “the Lord made” the Egyptians favor the Israelites. In advance, God prepared their hearts through all His plaques and simultaneously stored up the wealth of the wicked for the just. The timing of His transfer is perfect. He knows just when to give you what you need. Further, He exceeds all your expectations. Today, will you trust God for your breakthrough?

Day 29 – Make a Distinction

By their secret arts, Pharaoh’s Egyptian magicians performed some of the same miracles as Aaron. However, this did not take God by surprise. At the right time, he made sure there was no discrepancy as to who He was and what He could do. He distinguished the Israelites, and He will do so for you. Will you look to God and expect His strong hand to move on your behalf?

Day 28 – Did Not Listen

God made numerous “I will” statements, which meant that the burden was on Him. Because of this, Moses had to continue with the plan of God despite the fact the Israelites did not listen. Sometimes we make the mistake of focusing on the latter instead of the former. Make sure that you do not allow the discouragement of others prevent you attending to important matters. To whom will you listen?

Day 26 – God Called Him

Supernaturally, the bush was on fire but did not burn up. Although our God is a consuming fire and jealous for you, His intent is never to destroy you. In contrast, He extends an invitation to love and fellowship with you. Moses was tending the flock, but went to see about the burning bush. Can you cease your business and personal activities to answer God’s call?

Day 25 – Concerned About Them

God is mindful of you and His ears are open to your cry. He sees the tears that stream down your face even when no one else does. God cares and yearns to relinquish you of all concerns. You must know that He is present to help when you need Him. You must also know that it does not matter how great or small the issue, God will come down to rescue you. Have you entertained His concerns?